Two part liquid foaming chemical sets

Item #


K-8 Chemical


(Regular size)

Item #


K-15 Chemical


(Large size)


Contains about 50% more.

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Our two part liquid foaming chemical sets are a durable, dependable, and comfortable solution for patient immobilization and support. Once the part B liquid (light color) is poured and mixed into the part A liquid (dark color) and poured into the mixing bag, with patient positioned on top, the mixture will begin to foam around the contours of the patient body, solidifying into a personal supportive mold. Best if used with our cradles, our foaming chemicals are the most durable and dependable option for patient immobilization and support among other methods.

-K-15 (large size) set contains about 50% more product than the K-8 (regular size) chemical set.


-Two part liquid: Part A (dark color) and Part B (light color).

-Pre-measured sizes labeled: K-8 (regular size) and K-15 (large size)


-Expands about 20 times its liquid volume.

-Mixes in 10-15 seconds *DO NOT SHAKE LONGER THAN 10-15 SECONDS*.

-About 45 second pour time after mixing.

-Expands fully and becomes solid in 10 minutes.

-Very strong once hardened. Patient can enter and exit mold with ease, without fear of changing or damaging shape of the mold.

-Single use provides the most sanitary option for patients and medical personnel.

-Chemicals are easy to store.

-Does not rely on expensive machines that once break, cost time and money to repair.



Prepare the working area, unfold and prepare mixing bag, form/cradle, and ready patient. Ensure patient is not wearing anything on body or in hair that could puncture the mixing bag.

Wearing eye/face protection and gloves.

-Ensure you have a Part A and Part B of the SAME SIZE chemical set.

-Carefully remove caps of both bottles.

-Carefully pour all of the Part B liquid into the Part A bottle with liquid.

-Reapply cap to Part A bottle and shake for 10-15 seconds, with one hand holding lid, and directed away from face.

-Carefully remove lid from mixed Part A bottle and pour into bag (if not using a form/cradle), or onto form/cradle.

-Carefully insert form/cradle into mixing bag, fold over open end of bag.

-Carefully position patient into desired position ON TOP OF mixing bag.

-Instruct patient to hold position for about 10 minutes (or until mold is hard).

-Once hardened, the mold is ready for use in treatment.


Inspect mixing bags to ensure there are no holes or tears from shipping or unpacking.


We inspect all of our products for quality and defects before shipping. However we ask that before patient application, all products be thoroughly inspected in case of any damages occurring during shipping and unpackaging.


Store liquid chemical at room temperature.

*(Mixing times and instructions based off of chemical at room temperature.)


Once mixed and foaming begins, the patient will feel WARMTH inside the bag due to chemical reaction.


Always wear eye/face protection and gloves when using and mixing chemicals.


Please do not allow chemical to come in direct contact with skin, hair, or clothing. Any areas contacted with skin must be washed immediately.




To dispose unused chemical, mix and pour as normal instruction, wait for foam to harden, dispose hardened foam.


Please refer to MSDS for further information.



When ordering:

*Chemicals are sold in sets (Part A and Part B) and include a 60" length mixing bag for each set.


*4) set minimum per order (For shipping reasons).


*A full case contains 12) sets.


*Please specify mixing bag color upon ordering.

Colors: Black, Blue, Clear/natural. 60 inch length.

(Special order mixing bags upon request: Different size, color, ect.)


*Contact us for pricing and ordering*