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Our two-part liquid foam forming chemical kits

Our custom patient immobilizing cradle kits for radiation oncology

K-10 Cradle Kit

K-10H Cradle Kit

K-10M Cradle Kit

K-10MAC Cradle Kit

K-10B Cradle Kit

K-19 Cradle Kit

K-19U Cradle Kit

K-16 Cradle

K-2100 Cradle

(Customer specified design shown here, illustrating that we can build any style cradle that fits your treatment needs.)

K-15 Cradle Kit






K-15 baseboards ONLY.


For free forming using our liquid foam chemical kits.

Mold Room blocks/supplies



Mold room blocks


Basic sizes: 8in X 8in, 10in X 10in, 12in X 12in. Special order sizing available.


Thickness range: from 3/4in, to 3in.

Patient repositioning tools and devices

Our 5° angled wedge board

Our various wedge blocks


Pictured- White: 15° wedge

Pictured- Pink; 8inx8inx3in wedge

Immobilizing/support cushions

Form-able head cushions


*In-stock size: 20cmx45cm





Silverman headrests, and TIMO head/neck supports

Immobilizing thermoplastics

K-1889 Regular U-Frame

K-1889S Wide U-Frame

K-1892SD Head + Neck/Shoulder Frame

K-1889SD Head Frame/U-Frame

-AquaPlast® sheets 18in.X24in. for custom application/forming.


K-95 #1882: 1/8in thick.

K-96 #1682: 1/16in thick.


-TurboCast® sheets 17inX24in.

1/8in thick.


*Can be cut to size upon request.



Additional thermoplastics and bolus materials available

(Special order)


-Various designs of immobilizing masks and frames


-Thermoplastic pellets


-Solid AquaPlast® bolus sheets


-Flexible bolus with and w/o skin


-Super stuff bolus powder

Additional products and supplies

-Two-sided adhesive

-Extra bags

-XL bags

-Marking/tattoo ink

-Hot wire cutters for electron cutting, and parts.

-Cooling tables

-Melting pot repair and parts



-Hot water baths

-Patient straps and supports


-Patient transfer/slide boards

-Dental wax

-Various general medical supplies


Contact us with your inquiry.




Rolls of Two-sided adhesive tape.


Additional mixing bags.